2014 Spring Trends are In!

2014 Spring Trends are In!


2014 Spring Trends are In!

It’s time to start planning your spring wardrobe, giving you enough time to select the pieces that can accentuate the clothing you already have. 2014 reintroduces lots of old fashions that require a spin of your own flair, so shopping in your own closet shopping will be a breeze!

Take a look:


The fringe is back in, and you’ll find it in different variations on dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters and pants. Color-blocking with fringe detailing is very popular.

Cropped Tops

This trend reemerged in 2013 and continues this spring. From leather to lace, you’ll find cropped tops in all forms. Time to get that body in shape. Crunches anyone?

Mexican Inspired fashion

Viva! Off-the-shoulder blouses, embroidery in bright colors and anything that screams crossing the border is a hot commodity.

High-necked tank tops with skinny straps

This falls into the category with the cropped tops, but a little bit more subtle. Pair it with a blazer and some jeans, you’ve got a winner.

Word-inspired clothing

This spring the play on words is back in a big way. Fashions inspired with words include dresses, pants, jeans, t-shirts and more. If you’re a t-shirt collector who loves quirky sayings or have an outfit that has some serious wordplay, now is the time to start putting your digs on display.


This color can never get overused, can it? It’s an all-white everything season from sheer shirts and ripped jeans to fancy dresses.

Flat shoes

Comfort is the name of the game this spring and flats are all the rage, giving your feet a welcome respite from those six-inch heels.

If you’re a true fashionista, you’ll already have a couple of these items in your closet. If not, these styles won’t break your budget. Simple, yet chic, you’ll be able to find all of these trends at local retailers and discount stores. A few pieces this spring will go a very long way. All you need is a little creativity that matches your style and you will look as if you stepped straight from the runway.