Fashion and Budgeting Go Hand in Hand

Fashion and Budgeting Go Hand in Hand


Fashion and Budgeting Go Hand in Hand

Let’s face it. We can’t all have a closet full of clothes and go shopping every week. Sometimes you have to make do with what you have and become a little creative. If your funds don’t have the flexibility of making major clothing purchases on a consistent basis, you don’t have to stop being fashionable. There are a few things you can do to turn your closet into a fashionista’s dream!

The key with anything is to have pieces that can be modified and altered for different looks and uses. You want to select items that will go with a variety of choices:

* Black, grey or navy and beige/brown skirt or dress
* Varied shirts and blouses (tailored, flowing and t-shirts)
* Nice slacks in black, grey or navy
* Nice blazer
* Dress jeans and fun jeans
* Colorful scarves
* Beautiful accessories
* Nice handbag or two
* If you’re into hats, this can make a huge difference.
These are the basics. Having a nice variety of tops is key. Your skirt and dress should fit well enough that it can be layered. If you have a black dress for instance, you can pair it with a flowing blouse and nice accessories for a completely different look than if you wore the dress on its own. Having pops of color with everything makes a grand statement. Whether you’re wearing chunky jewelry, which can completely change the look of your outfit, or some really stand-out shoes, color works wonders.

Now, scarves make the world go around! You can take a scarf and tie it around your waist, around your neck, use it as an extension of your blouse, wear it as a headband and more. Having a variety of these in different colors and patterns can make your wardrobe sizzle. Pair some nice jeans with a t-shirt, some heels and a scarf and wow your way into your event.

Once you have these pieces in your closet, you can look through magazines and select fashions that cater to your tastes. You’d be surprised how many of those outfits you can create with those pieces in your closet. All it takes is a little creativity. If you don’t have some of these pieces, start with what you have, check discount stores and work your way to these staples. With these tips, your fashion sense will always be top notch.