Five Gift Ideas He Won’t Expect

Five Gift Ideas He Won’t Expect


Five Gift Ideas He Won’t Expect

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s definitely gift-giving crunch time. The old stand-bys are always nice, but isn’t this year a great moment for something a bit more creative? If you’re sick and tired of the old chocolate box, card, dinner and a movie, here are some ideas to inspire creativity without breaking the bank.

1) If plain old store-bought cards simply won’t cut it anymore, why not try an exploding love box? A bit of planning and ingenuity will help you to craft a custom card experience he won’t soon forget, and one that he can keep on his desk to remind him of your love for years to come. For a specific tutorial in how to get this DIY project going, check out our article on exploding boxes here.

2) Find some deals with one of the many online crowd-sourced discounts programs. Often, you can get groupons or livingsocial or amazonlocal deals for fun activities which may otherwise be outside of your budget. Discover a new restaurant in your area that seems like a splurge for well within your price range. Try a new activity together with no monetary risk. Something new and different is sure to get those love-juices flowing!

3) Make him an at-home night on the town. Grab a bottle of wine, and ingredients for his favorite dinner. Find some nice romantic music to play sonorously in the background. Bust out the candles and good china. Dress to the nines, do your hair and makeup. After dinner, give him a relaxing rub-down (grab a bottle of massage oil for the special treatment!). Dance together in the living room. Make or acquire a special dessert. Turn every day dinner into something extraordinary.

4) Plan a photo project. In the digital age, we so rarely have prints of our favorite photographs; and those can really brighten up a room or workspace! Plan a photo project with or without your man; either together, or for him. Go around town and take artsy pictures of places that are important to you two, and put them together in a collage or book for him. Alternately, plan a day for you two to take pictures together then get your favorites framed. What a great way to preserve memories of your day together!

5) Write him your love story. Grab some fancy paper from the craft’s store and either hand-emblazon, or print it out in fancy fonts. Decorate it with collage-style memories, photographs, or hand-drawn pictures. Write in a high fantasy style, children’s story style, or whatever best suits you and your relationship. Make certain that it’s colorful and full of fond memories. On the last page, include a hand-made coupon redeemable for one passionate fairy-tale kiss. He’ll definitely want one when he’s done reading!

Remember that creativity and some elbow grease go a long way further than dollar bills; gifts from the heart are the most cherished. Happy Valentine’s Day!