The Spring Runway Roundup 2015

The Spring Runway Roundup 2015


The Spring Runway Roundup 2015

Runway Designers

Each runway show becomes a competition; not very many designers are able to keep-up. When a fashion designer reaches the point where they are gracing the runway with their stylish fabrics; they have reached success. With that said, let us check out some of this year’s runway designers who claimed victory!

Bottega Veneta
Vera Wang
Donna Karen
Louis Vuitton
The above well-known designers have delivered results year after year, however what makes them this year’s talk of the town is their new trends. Designers have expectations to live up to, and this year sequins and 3D inspired designs are in.

Eye-Popping Fashion Trends

2016 is the year of three dimensional designs and fun prints with a bit of an elegant twist. Designers have brought back 80’s fashion without the big hair and metal bands.

A perfect example of this is Vera Wang’s 2015 spring collection. Her models walked the runway wearing sheer mesh with blue sequins drizzled in a zigzag pattern. Vera’s fashion was fun, a little risky, yet enticing. Another top trend was introduced by Bottega Veneta. Their swirling designs graced the runway. Bottega’s blue long maxi dress with rigid ends was the highlight of their collection. Veneta also impressed the media with their revamped take on sequins.

From the Runway to Retail

What we can extract from the 2015 Spring Runway show is when big names reveal new trends the results are in; it is time to prepare for spring.

Once the runway show is over and buyers from retail stores make their purchases, the department stores load up and start preparing for the season ahead. Although that means sale time for most, that does not always mean it is time to put away winter clothes.

Who would not want to stay up-to-date with next seasons’ styles? That is what runway shows are for; they give you a chance to prepare emerging fashion trends. Designers often prepare their runway trends at least a year before they are shown to the public. When designers plan that far in advance, fashionistas should follow their lead.