Spring- Summer fashions for 2015

Spring- Summer fashions for 2015


Spring- Summer fashions for 2015

The warm weather is here and that means it is time to transition into some new spring and summer fashions. If you want to look hip this spring, you’ll keep an open mind regarding the latest trends. There are some surprising fashion elements that are quickly reaching a mainstream tipping point. Let’s take a look at some of the best spring and summer fashions.

Suede might take you back to the 70s but many of today’s trendsetters weren’t even alive back then! Like many of the 70s styles, suede garments and accessories have returned to the runway as well as urban centers throughout the country. Head on out to your local fashion outlets and you’ll find all sorts of suede pieces from suede A-line skirts to suede trench coats and traditional boot cut pants.

Don’t dismiss the jumpsuit as a fashion trend applicable to only the older generations of women. On the contrary, jumpsuits are back en vogue this season with an array of new looks. Most feature a utilitarian style that is best described as “fashion forward”. Jumpsuits are quite comfortable and contemporary versions feature an irreverence for convention as they have a much more feminine style than we’ve seen in the past. Check out Ralph Lauren, Pucci and Dior’s jumpsuits and you’ll find an array of pieces with all sorts of aesthetically pleasing accessories and nuances like oversized buttons, statement jewelry and leather belts.

While khakis first debuted on runways over four decades ago, this fashion classic has returned with a vengeance. Khaki is one of the spring’s hottest trends. These aren’t the plain old boring khaki pieces that we’ve seen an excess of in the past. There are all sorts of new khaki garments that are making waves in the fashion industry. Check out the suede khaki pieces from Chanel, sultry khaki military style silhouettes from Marc Jacobs and even the Safari style khaki pieces from Ralph Lauren.

Power Dressing
While modern day women don’t wear shoulder pads like they did back in the 80s, power dressing is back in style. Trouser suits might not be for every woman but they work for some. Today’s new trouser suits aren’t like those of yesteryear. They have all sorts of new elements of flair including shiny pinstripes like those found at Chanel and the cowbell belts and twine found at Celine. While you might think that a cropped trouser is too masculine for you, you just might change your mind once you try it on and take a look in the mirror.

While hippies are often looked down upon in contemporary America, hippie fashion is back in style. Today’s hippie-chic clothing isn’t bogged down by loud tie dye colors or boring earthly hues. Instead, stylish women across the land are rocking extra-long and uber-light dresses that flow and billow in the springtime breeze. Many claim that this bohemian style draws inspiration from Talitha Getty’s hippie aesthetic. Check out Alberta Ferretti’s pink silhouettes, Chloé’s pleat and lace look and Etro’s hippie-esque kaleidoscope styles.