Relaxation and Romance for Singles

Relaxation and Romance for Singles


Relaxation and Romance for Singles

So it’s the end of summer and you’re traveling solo, looking for a peaceful and enjoyable vacation spot. No kids running around on their summer vacation, no family activities—just romantic scenery and opportunities to meet other singles. We have some top destination spots for you to consider for the late summer vacation of your dreams!

Travel with Other Women

Make friends and enjoy the sights in the company of other women. Women Traveling Together is a site specifically designed to provide a journey for women. They report 80% of their travelers are alone (no relatives or friends on the trip). This is a great opportunity to meet other women while enjoying destinations domestically or internationally.

Recovery and Relaxation

U.S. News offered the top relaxation spots in the nation and allowed their readers to rate the choices. According to this survey, the most relaxing places to visit in America are:

1. Hawaii

Tropically romantic and luscious scenery, Hawaii provides the fresh breeze of the ocean and a getaway that doesn’t often include children.

2. U.S. Virgin Islands

If Hawaii is too expensive, these islands also afford beautiful weather and a taste of the tropics. Some of the most scenic beaches in the Virgin Islands include Magens Bay and Trunk Bay.

3. Yellowstone National Park

Hiking, biking, paddling—a visit to Yellowstone will have you connecting to nature like nowhere else. Located on the edge of Wyoming, wildlife and natural scenery is preserved and enjoyed by all who visit.

Other destinations that made the Top 10 list included Naples, Sedona, Santa Fe, and Napa Valley.

Choose a destination that offers activities you enjoy and don’t be too reserved while there. One of the best ways to meet new people is being friendly while doing something you love. You might meet someone who shares the same interests and passions or you might just have a great time, but either way—you win.