Summer Trends That Are Rocking Instagram

Summer Trends That Are Rocking Instagram


Summer Trends That Are Rocking Instagram

When it comes to fashion inspiration, there’s no place like Instagram. Beautiful outfits and cute clothes everywhere, modeled by the chicest babes around. So if you are planning to renew your wardrobe for this season, you should take some cues from Instagram and pay attention to these summer trends.

Lace, lace and more lace
One of the most romantic trends around this summer is the abundance of lace. From full-on dresses to tiny details in tops, jeans and even bags, lace is everywhere this season. The best looks involve pairing up white lace pieces with camel sandals, bags and belts. Add some boho-chic accessories and you are ready to go from the beach to the bar, rocking your sweet look.

Tassels and pom-poms
For a touch of quirky colors, pom-poms are the way to go this summer. Bags, scarves, shoes and even jewelry can be improved by brightly colored tassels and pom-poms. They are the perfect way to make your outfit pop and create a whimsical look that’s as fun and carefree as summer should always be.

Nautical everything
A classic summer staple, nautical themes are still very much “in” this season. Nautical stripes still work great in collared shirts and dresses, and you will find them in cutout tops as well. The best way to pair them up is with straw hats of any kind to accentuate that beach side look or with structured A-line skirts for your daytime city outfit.

Print panache
Summer is about fun and nothing conveys that as much as bright, bold prints. Floral prints in particular are popular this season and they are on everything, from dresses to jeans. Print on print can be a little hard to pull off, but when done correctly it’s definitely a statement. You can nail this look by choosing coordinated prints and pairing them with a brightly colored bag as an accent and white, plain shoes that won’t distract from the ensemble.

Sculptural jewelry
This summer you shouldn’t be wearing a necklace, you should be wearing a statement. Big, chunky jewelry in interesting shapes is the easy way to make your outfit instantly chic and make a fashion statement without spending too much time rummaging through your wardrobe. When choosing your standout jewelry pieces, go for silver instead of gold, and try to pair them with plain tops and dresses so your outfit will not look overwhelming. If you want to showcase sculptural necklaces or earrings, wear your hair up, and the eye will be instantly drawn to them.

Sun-kissed look
Makeup this season is following the old “less is more” adage. But even when wearing just the bare minimum, you want your face to glimmer like the sun. When going for the “natural” look, choose bronze powder with sine shimmer and pair it with a simple black mascara and nude lipstick.