Back To Basics: Summer Items That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Back To Basics: Summer Items That Should Be In Your Wardrobe


Back To Basics: Summer Items That Should Be In Your Wardrobe

Warm weather means less clothing and spring cleaning your wardrobe. If you truly want to survive the season (and hopefully, many seasons after this one), there are a few key items you should own. Don’t fall for short lived trends and fast fashion items you will hate next year, stick to some basic staples that you’ll be able to match with your favorite trends from this and every other season.

Summer dress

It’s hot outside, the perfect time to avoid the horrible uncomfortable horror that are pants and let your legs breathe in a breezy summer dress. It doesn’t matter if you stick to a little black dress or if you enjoy bold prints and bright colors, the important thing is that you should feel comfortable in the dress. Don’t pay attention to how trendy it is, look for a good cut and fit and make sure it is easy to match with accessories and shoes. The best thing about summer dresses is that they are perfect for those days when it’s just too hot to make an effort and make sure your outfit matches, but you will still look put-together.

Strappy sandals

This is the shoe equivalent to a summer dress. Strappy sandals in neutral colors can match almost any summer outfit and they will save your feet from sweat and heat. Find a pair with a heel that’s not too high, and you’ll be able to wear them to work, to a fancy dinner or to an informal gathering without anyone batting an eye. Make sure they fit properly and that the heel provides enough support, you want to be able to walk around all day in them without your sweaty feet sliding off.

Light button-down shirt

Oxford shirts are incredibly versatile and can be worn virtually anywhere. Find a button-down, collared shirt in a light, breezy fabric and add it to your collection of wardrobe staples. You can wear it with slacks or a pencil skirt at the office and with light-wash jeans on your free time. The best part is that chiffon and linen are popular fabrics for these shirts in summer, and they will keep you cool even while wearing long-sleeves.

Cool shades

Accessories are important and sunglasses are one summer staple that you should always have with you. They will make you look cool, of course, but they will also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Health is your best accessory. Sunglasses are also useful to add a touch of color to your outfit and tie together your accessories. They are even perfect for those days when it’s so hot your make-up is melting off your face. Throw some shades on, no need for make-up.