Guests for the Holidays Deserve Special Treatment

Guests for the Holidays Deserve Special Treatment


Guests for the Holidays Deserve Special Treatment

If your home is going to be the gathering spot for a family holiday celebration, you are more than likely looking at a little extra holiday preparation this year. In the midst of decorating, cleaning, baking and shopping, give a little thought to carving out a welcoming niche for your guests.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated guest room, or extra beds in the children’s rooms that can be drafted for guests, you’re ahead of the game. If, however, you will set up temporary beds, blow-up mattresses, or fold-out sleepers in rooms designed for other purposes, you can still supply some of the pampering amenities and special treats that “B & B’s” throughout the country are famous for.

A Personal Welcome

In a designated room, it’s easy:

* Place a small tray with a carafe of water and glasses (or even bottles of spring water) along with a scented candle, perhaps a single flower in a bud vase or a personalized ornament to hang on the tree, and some snacks such as chocolates or salted nuts.
* If there’s a TV in the room, leave a schedule near the remote
* Have a bench or luggage rack available
* Clear some hanging space in the closet
* Provide extra pillows and an extra blanket or throw for naps
If you will have people all over the house, the logistics of providing for individual needs may be a bit more difficult, but with planning you can still provide a little private space and make it clear that guests are welcome. Plan to have a basket or decorated, personalized tote of some kind, containing towels, lotion and other grooming needs, a snack pack and a handwritten welcome note.

The Best of Vacations

If visitors are new to your town, a small map, a list of local attractions, a schedule of planned holiday events (including favorite television specials and movies) would be in order. Including a house key on a personalized key chain might be in order if guests will come and go on their own.

Another idea, one used successfully by any number of holiday hostesses, is to include a menu for the holiday dinner, along with an invitation to participate in its preparation. You could include a recipe, and plan a group trip to the supermarket prior to the day of cooking.

By demonstrating your holiday spirit in such ways, you can welcome guests, gain some help, and truly enjoy the holidays with your guests.