Keeping the holidays healthy

Keeping the holidays healthy


Keeping the holidays healthy

While the holidays are a wonderful time to catch up with family, relax, and enjoy all the foods you don’t tend to indulge in the rest of the year, the added richness of this diet can be a real detriment to your waistline. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to keep the scale from creeping up this Christmas.

Eat your Veggies

When you fill your plate for the holiday feast, make sure to take generous portions of vegetable options before you add anything else. Fill your plate at least halfway with salad, green-bean casserole, or whatever vegetables are on the table. Simple geometry will work in your favor!

Evening Constitutionals

What a great way to spend time with your family after dinner and before dessert. Bundle up and take a walk together! If your neighborhood isn’t horribly exciting, find one nearby where there are Christmas Lights galore and go for a stroll amidst the glow. You can even bring a thermos with tea to keep you toasty and warm while on your walk.

Check Yourself

It can be really easy to over-indulge if you aren’t careful. Always ask yourself, “Am I eating because I’m hungry, or am I eating because it’s good?” If the answer is the second, put your fork down and stop. Eating slowly and drinking water with your meal can also help you; it’s a lot more difficult to stuff yourself without a second thought if you give yourself plenty of time to think.

Sip Slowly

When indulging in rich or alcoholic drinks (eggnog, anyone?) take slow, luxurious sips. Drinks are a huge source of empty calories; you’ll enjoy them more if you take the time to do so!

With a little bit of care, you can revel in your holidays (without the added bloat).