What girls look for in guys

What girls look for in guys


What girls look for in guys

So, there is this girl that you wish to go out on a date with but you can’t seem to get her to say yes. You think you have what it takes to fall under the ‘legible bachelor’ category, but why does it seem that you cannot attract the one you’ve always had your eye on? Now that’s quite a difficult question to answer, and you might feel like no matter what you do, you can never figure girls out. Well, the good news for you, young man, is that women are not as complicated as men think us to be. When it comes to choosing the guy we want to go out for dinner with, we simply rely on our standards. Now I know that I may be a different kind of girl from the one you are dying to go out with, but I am a woman (101% percent), so believe me when I say that I know the general guidelines that women stick to when they’re choosing a man.

As I walk you through the way a girl thinks, you may want to consider the list below as some checklist for you.

1. Be presentable

If you want us to notice you (in a positive way), then please make the effort to look presentable. Please. You may think that you are the only ones who are visual, but we do have eyes too. No, you do not have to look flashy but you do need to make sure that you dress well and appropriately. Why do we need you to look presentable? We do not mean to make you our trophy, of course, but we do want to have more reasons to be proud of our partners. And while we are on the topic, you may also want to get some muscles too. Maybe it’s about a time that you hit the gym or take some to get your body in good shape. No, it isn’t a requirement, but you are more likely to catch our eye if you look more attractive.

2. Be a gentleman

You may think that modern girls no longer appreciate acts of chivalry, and that is where you have it wrong. Girls do love real gentlemen, even when some girls may seem too independent and strong to appreciate chivalrous acts. Simple acts, like opening the car door, pulling out a chair, or carrying heavy stuff for us, could make our hearts melt more than chocolates and roses could. After all, we women seek for partners in life who could assure us that they will always be there for us through thick and thin as we also will be.

3. Be well-mannered

No, we are not looking for perfect men, but we do need you to be well-mannered. I am pretty sure that you also want your girl to be the same as well. If you can’t show good manners in front of a girl you like, how can you get the approval of her parents when the time comes for you to meet them? She might not even give you a chance at dating if you can’t get your act right. I have to say it again, be well-mannered—all the time.

4. Be a man

Of course, you are a biological male, but it takes more than a manly physique to be a real man. What do I mean by that statement? It means that girls expect men to be responsible and decisive without being arrogant; to be flexible without becoming a pushover. We need guys who have a spine—guys who could hold their ground when a situation calls for such a reaction. We need guys who we know we could count on to stand by us when things get rough. We do not want guys who always seem to be at a loss for what to do, or guys who always have to depend on us for judgment. We need a man who could be our complement; not a boy we constantly need to look after.

5. Have a great personality

You must know by now that girls are relatively more emotional than men, and you would have to understand that. Understanding that basic fact about girls would remind you to be careful with the way you communicate with us. For example, we appreciate honesty, but we would appreciate it more if you know how to deliver the truth to us tactfully. Being sensitive to our needs is also a sure way to get to our hearts. And by the way, before I forget, let me remind you that we love humor too! Good looks and fine manners are great, of course, but you’ll stand out in our minds if you could make us laugh. Have you ever heard of the cliché that if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her fall in love? Well, just so you’d know, that cliché is true. There you have it! The list above shows the general standards that women base their judgment on when considering a guy. I hope it helps you get that woman of your dreams!

Contributed to LadiesLifeStyle.com by Ashley Sotelo