When to hit the sale rack

When to hit the sale rack


When to hit the sale rack

A sale rack is more than last season’s items that didn’t sell. A sale rack is a piece of art where a woman can let go and not worry about breaking the bank. The beauty of a sale rack lies in its ability to be picked apart and put back with no obligation buy anything. With sale racks what you see is what you get. Therefore you have to get creative, use your imagination, and create a new style.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

When it comes to hitting the sale rack not all sales are created equally. Although department stores like Macys have year round sales, the best time to catch a sale is after the season ends. For those who are avid clearance rack fans, you already know the joys of being the first one to pick apart a clearance rack. You don’t want to be the last one to a sale and get the “leftovers.”

When to Hit the Sale Rack

Now that we know what a sale rack is and why it’s so lovely, the next question is “when to shop the rack?” The best time to grab designer clothes at cheap prices is after the season ends. That’s right. Plan all your winter’s wardrobe a year ahead. Sounds a little extreme; however when you leave the store with that $100.00 designer shirt that was on clearance for $9.99, you’ll be ecstatic. Stores such as Macys have regular sales with 20-25% off, however add that to an already reduced price and you just saved yourself about $75.00.

Why Hitting the Sale Rack is the Best Buy

The reason why it is so inexpensive to shop clearance is because department stores must clear the racks for new trends. Often times flagship stores will distribute clothes that didn’t sell well to department stores. From there, the department stores take over and sell what they can. It’s at that point department stores will mark-down items to pennies hoping for one last profit. After the final clearance sale, that is after the season has come to an end, that’s when department stores send all unsold items to stores such as “Nordstrom Rack.”