7 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Cat

7 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Cat


7 Amazing Benefits Of Having A Cat

Thinking about getting a feline friend but still not ready to take that trip to the shelter? Let me convince you: cats are great pets and come with amazing benefits you never even thought of. And this is not only about the potential for millions of views on YouTube.

1. Lowering stress –
Cat owners enjoy lower levels of stress than people without cats. This can be attributed to the companionship and love kitties show their owners, but they have a secret weapon too: purring. Petting a purring cat has been shown to have an immediate effect on stress levels and anxiety.

2. Getting the girl or boy of your dreams –
Most people are more attracted to those who like and respect animals, so your kitty earned you a few points there. But that’s not all, cat owners are perceived as being more sensitive, thoughtful and smart than people without cats. So you should go ahead and list Mr. Mittens on your online dating profile.

3. Helping you cope –
Even though they can’t really give good advice, cats can function as social support during difficult times. Cat owners can get over loss more quickly and while showing less symptoms of pain. People in mourning usually find it easier to talk to their kitties to work out difficult feelings, as they don’t feel judged.

4. Keeping your heart healthy –
Cat owners are 40% less likely to die of stroke or heart attack than people without cats. Kitties can also help lower your blood pressure and heal trauma to soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments by the power of purring.

5. Keeping the Earth green –
Every conscious environmentalist is trying to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. It turns out that cats are eco-friendly, compared to dogs. While puppies have a carbon footprint equal to a Hummer, kitties have the approximate impact of a Volkswagen Golf.

6. Never being alone –
A 2003 study found that having a cat in the house is as emotionally fulfilling as having a romantic partner. Despite of what the stereotype says, cats can be as affectionate as dogs. They initiate contact much of the time and they remember when people show them kindness to later return the favor. And, as any cat owner knows, kitties will follow you around even to the bathroom, so you are really never alone.

7. Not needing as much maintenance –
If you have a busy life, taking care of a dog might be too much for you. Not everyone has time to walk a dog several times a day, for example. Cats are more independent and generally need less attention than dogs, so you can have your busy life and come home to a loving kitty that didn’t feel neglected during the day.