7 Ways To Ruin a Marriage

7 Ways To Ruin a Marriage


7 Ways To Ruin a Marriage

A healthy bond is based not only on love, but on confidence. If you suddenly feel like the flame is burning out, read this and find out what you may be doing wrong, before it’s too late.

Don’t talk about anything, ever
Some studies say that the “infatuation stage” can last from a few months to just a couple of years, depending on the couple. At this time, a very common mistake to make is to assume that if you try to discuss certain issues you’ll end up fighting. So let’s not talk about it. But this attitude will not keep the issues from emerging. Better act now before things escalate.

Fake it until you make it
Also known as denial. Maybe you’re one of those people who would rather stay, not for your spouse’s sake, but because you don’t want to face the social consequence of admitting the relationship was a mistake. So you put on one mask in public, looking like the perfect couple. But then the lights go out and you don’t even sleep in the same room. Something’s wrong and you know it. Fix it today or regret it tomorrow.

Let him or her be the center of your life
Contrary to popular belief, a spouse is not supposed to be absolutely everything in a person’s life. There are other kinds of affection that he or she simply cannot supply. That is why you have friends and family. Never, ever replace them for your partner. You won’t know what you did until the day that something happens and you’re left completely alone. Not a good place to be.

Base the entire relationship solely on intercourse
An active sexual life is usually a sign of things going well in a couple, it is quite dangerous to make the entire relationship rotate around it. It’s healthy to do other activities that you both can share and create memories with. Don’t turn something this beautiful into a routine activity. Find other ways to connect with your partner.

Embrace passive-aggressiveness
Engaging in a constant ping pong game where you have never mastered the confidence to face your partner with your concerns and doubts, and turn your frustration into ironic, cynical remarks instead is childish. It’s time to be honest with your spouse about what is bothering you. Add some empathy and respect and you might even be heard.

Repeat the same routine every single day
Kill your love softly by turning your relationship into an extension of your day job. Put the auto pilot mode on and watch how everything starts to slowly fall apart, starting with your motivation to stay together. Sounds scary? Surprise your spouse with a date you haven´t enjoyed in years and ignite the flame again.

Forget about your partner’s needs
Do this and you’ll lose him or her for sure. Recuperate the essence of the relationship. What made you guys fall in love in the first place? Go back and start from there.