8 eating habits that help prevent cancer

8 eating habits that help prevent cancer


8 eating habits that help prevent cancer

Nobody knows what causes cancer exactly. Researchers suggest that many cancer-related deaths can be determined by lifestyle choices, such as drinking, smoking or an unhealthy diet. Recent studies also showed that there are small and surprising ways to prevent cancer, such as having the appropriate foods in your body! See if you’ve been eating the type of foods that will help you prevent it.

1 – Marinate meat first
Processed meats contain amines and hydrocarbons, which are cancer causing. If you decide to grill, add Rosemary and marinate for at least one hour before cooking. But the best tip of advice is to reduce meat consumption to at least 50 percent.

2 – Caffeine every day
People who drink more cups of coffee a day decrease chances of getting brain cancer, according to a 2010 British study. Decaf did not have the same effect. But their powerful antioxidants are known to give your body an all-around cancer fighting boost.

3 – Water
Having plenty of water or other liquids reduces the chance of Bladder cancer as urinating helps you dilute cancer-causing agents. Drinking water helps eliminate toxins from the body and prevent them from multiplying. Colas, juices and sugary drinks increase cancer as well, so it’s recommended to avoid them. Bye, bye Coke!

4 – Eat more greens
Concentrate on vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits. You may begin your day with some nuts, then have a bowl of cereal. Keep a bowl of fruits and pre-cooked veggies in the fridge so you can quicly grab it when hunger strikes. Fruits can protect the esophagus and larynx from oral cancer. Fruits also fight pancreas and stomach cancer.

5 – Have more fiber
Foods that are rich in fiber help the digestive system stay healthy and clean. Brown rice can replace white rice, as well as fruits can be eaten with skin. Incorporate foods to your dinner recipes, and always remember to eat them with dinner, not afterwards.

6 – Say no to processed foods
Have food in its original form, the way it was meant to be. I know most of us are lazy and open up a can of mushrooms, but buying fresh Portobello’s would be the correct way to go. The same thing applies to French fries. It is better to do it at home. People who have junk food are in higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

7 – Cut down red meat and whole fat milk
Vegetarians are less likely to develop cancer than those who eat meat. This happens as milk and meat lack any antioxidants, and unlike vegetables, they have no cancer-fighting properties. But it is not required to cut down meat entirely. You can ask your doctor for more advice, and get periodic checkups to see if you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

8 – Eat colorful food
The Immune system must be strong enough to fight against cancer causing agents. Colorful food s are packed with antioxidants, such as vitamin A, C, E and selenium which help build immunity. It’s also recommended to eat raw food and ingest the nutrients and vitamins in their natural form, without alteration.