A Few Handy Wedding DIY Tips

A Few Handy Wedding DIY Tips


A Few Handy Wedding DIY Tips

With the high cost of everything wedding, the temptation to DIY in order to keep your wallet happy is great. This is definitely a valid option for many wedding must-haves, but it won’t work for everything (especially if you’re doing it all yourself). Here are a few handy tips for thinking about what you should and should not make when making your own wedding.

Escort Cards and Table Numbers
If you have a printer and a computer, chances are you can make these just as nicely as a professional. Since they can be done well in advance of the wedding, this is a great DIY. Just remember to consider how you’re going to prop them up on the tables!

Hair and Makeup
Getting ready the day of is a long process. While hiring a professional to take care of these special-day looks for you is tempting, it’s definitely not a necessity. If you’re handy with makeup, chances are you can do just as well on your own. Spend some time reading up on products, browsing the web for looks, and practicing on yourself. Even if you need to purchase a few new tools or colors, this will still be less expensive than hiring an artist to do it for you.

Your hair, on the other hand, may be a different story. Hair can be difficult and fussy, and you’ll be worrying about maneuvering while wearing that dress! Your best option is to see if one of your bridesmaids is good with a curling iron and ask her to step in as a wedding gift to you.

Floral Arrangements
Unless you’re using silk flowers, floral is something that must be done day-of or day-before the wedding. As such, this is perhaps best left to the professionals.

This is the one thing from your wedding that’s really going to last. As such, you should definitely hire a professional photographer rather than rely on your friends and family.

Weddings can be tough, but with a little creativity you can make a truly special celebration and memories that last a lifetime.