Antibiotics- Is the quick fix worth it?

Antibiotics- Is the quick fix worth it?


Antibiotics- Is the quick fix worth it?

While skimming through my daily feed, I came across an article that captured my attention. It slammed the use of antibiotics. The mother claimed she had never given her children any antibiotics, not even for ear infections or pneumonia. Well my eyebrows raised a little and I did some research. Turns out she may have had a point.

No one likes to see their child sick. It is agony to watch your baby struggle to drink his bottle because he can’t breathe properly. You impatiently wait for day seven to arrive, the magical day that doctors have landed on to determine that yes. okay. your child may not be feeling well. My son received his first dose of antibiotics when he was 10 months old, about two seconds after starting daycare, and then again only a month and a half later. I pumped his little body full of antibiotics and then probiotics to counter the effects. I hated that even though he was getting better gradually from the cold, I now worried that he would become malnourished due to the diarrhea and vomiting associated with antibiotics. That’s when I came across the article and my son has not had antibiotics since.

It is important to know the difference between a virus and bacteria. An antibiotic has absolutely NO effect on viruses; they have to play out on their own. It may seem an antibiotic is working on a cold because of that magic number again. Colds generally last seven to ten days and then begin to peter out on their own. Since this is when an antibiotic is usually prescribed, it may seem that it is because of the medicine and not in spite of…

Okay, so what if it is really bacteria? A body is full of bacteria both good and bad. When the antibiotic enters, it destroys without bias. The system is building a resistance to both those good and bad bacteria, which disallows the body to function as it should, and causes following doses to become stronger and stronger until eventually no antibiotic will be strong enough.

What to do. Hard as it is, wait it out! The harm that antibiotics can cause drastically outweighs the benefits.