Best Cities for Retirement

Best Cities for Retirement


Best Cities for Retirement

You have many options when it comes to where to retire. America is a very beautiful country and there are many hidden gems we rarely get see unless we travel frequently. When it comes time to pick a retirement location research will save you a lot of time. Things to consider when you retire vary depending on your final nest egg and rather or not, you will be working part-time for fun. You may also want to consider family, friends, and social activities. We listed some of the best places to retire and why. However, we encourage you to travel around a bit and make your final decision yourself.

Bargain Hotspots for New Retirees

If you are looking to buy a home and relocate to a city where it will not cost an arm and a leg, then these cities are for you. Even though the housing market may not be the best for already existing homeowners, new comers are able to grab homes at dirt-cheap prices. Portland, Oregon, Tucson, Arizona, and Tallahassee, Florida are all retiree wonderlands. Tucson is stunning with its mountain views and year round warm weather. Tallahassee is home to St. Marks Wildlife Rescue and Challenger Learning Center Planetarium. Finally yet importantly, Portland is one of the best places to hike for seniors. Portland offers around 5,000 acres of hiking with their beautiful rose bushes at International Rose Test Garden.

Inexpensive Retirement Locations Overseas

Perhaps you would like to join a largely growing trend of retiring overseas. As expensive as it sounds, retiring overseas can be even more inexpensive than retiring in America. Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect example of how low cost living overseas makes for the perfect retirement for some retirees. In Thailand, they use “baht” rather than US dollars. With regular dental checkups running about 500 baht, which translates over to about $17.00, your nest egg may go a long way in Chiang Mai.

Alongside Chiang Mai is Lake Atitlan, just outside of Guatemala City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Guam. Lake Atitlan is one of the best-kept secrets. It is close to Guatemala City and surrounded by breathe taking nature scenery. Tuk-tuks, motorized ferry boat, are a popular way of travel in Lake Atitlan. Tuk-tuks are a safe way to travel to and from major cities in a fun way. With the above tips you will be sitting under an umbrella with a martini in no time!