Bite the Bullet and Get Those Diagnostic Tests Done!

Bite the Bullet and Get Those Diagnostic Tests Done!


Bite the Bullet and Get Those Diagnostic Tests Done!

You see the ads for women’s health on television all the time. News shows covering the need for women to be regularly tested for cancer show up in your feed or on television regularly. And you sigh, knowing they are right. But…you’re so busy!

You Take Care of Yourself
You eat nutritiously, indulging in sweets or fatty foods only occasionally. For sure, you have to enjoy a cinnamon roll at least once a month! You exercise several times a week, participating in several forms of physical activity.

You eat poultry, some fish, low-fat dairy and lots of fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. You enjoy your green smoothies at breakfast and you know you’re getting even more fruits and veggies into your body.

Testing Equals Early Detection
You began getting mammograms and Pap smears in your 20s and continued all throughout your life. Now, though, you’re so busy with your administrative job that scheduling that annual exam is really difficult. But is it, really?

A mammogram or Pap should take no more than an hour out of your day. If you’ve been going to the same imaging center all along, they know you and already have a file for you. Besides, if the test shows something, it’s better to get it taken care of early. Even if it’s only a small fibroid or a fatty tumor, wouldn’t you rather have that peace of mind?

If You are at Increased Risk
If the women (and men) in your family have a history of breast cancer, you are at increased risk of developing cancer yourself. Or, if you have a genetic mutation known as BRCA, you must be screened annually.

Besides regular testing, other approaches may help you:

Genetic testing for BRCA gene mutation
Preventive medications – called “chemoprevention”
Preventive mastectomy if you are at a very high risk for developing breast cancer
Preventive removal of your ovaries if you are at a very high risk of developing ovarian cancer
Your health is important. You are important. Treat yourself as such.