Boost Your Retirement Account with Winter Savings Tips

Boost Your Retirement Account with Winter Savings Tips


Boost Your Retirement Account with Winter Savings Tips

Your retirement account grows faster when you increase your contributions. But how can you find extra money in your budget now to finance your future? With five winter savings tips, you can boost your retirement account with ease.

Buy winter clothes at discounted prices

Department store sales and secondhand shops offer tons of winter sales after the holidays, so upgrade your winter wardrobe or stock up on hats and gloves at deep discounts. If possible, use coupons from the Sunday newspaper for even bigger savings.

Turn down the heat

Put all your winter sweaters and heavy socks to good use. Turning down your home’s heat by even one or two degrees reduces your winter heating bills. So, bundle up and invest the money you save into your retirement.

Prepare plenty of hearty soups

Cold, winter nights call for hot, hearty meals. Not only do soups fit the bill, but they are also affordable and easy to prepare. Toss veggies, beans and broth into a slow cooker before work, and your meal is ready to eat when you arrive home at night. As your grocery bill shrinks, you’ll have extra cash to invest.

Find free entertainment at your local library

In addition to borrowing free books, magazines and videos from your library, borrow ebooks and museum passes or participate in book clubs and discussions. Invite friends to join you instead of going out for expensive entertainment. The library’s a great resource for saving cash on entertainment during the cold winter months.

Brew your own hot beverages

Stopping at the coffee shop for multiple cups of hot coffee every day costs you a small fortune. Instead, brew a big pot of coffee at home in the morning and take it to work in a carafe. Likewise, mix your own hot chocolate mix for pennies a serving instead of buying packets.

With the money you save by following these tips, you can boost your retirement. Get started saving today.