Boost Your Veggie Intake in the New Year

Boost Your Veggie Intake in the New Year


Boost Your Veggie Intake in the New Year

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Then you’ll want to eat more vegetables. They’re loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are an essential part of any healthy diet. These super foods aren’t nearly as tasty as chocolate cake, though.

That’s why you’ll want to try four tips that add more veggies to your daily diet.

1. Experiment with stir fry

A variety of veggies taste delicious in stir fry, but you aren’t limited to broccoli or bok choy. Experiment when you add zucchini, cauliflower and kale to any stir fry recipe. These veggies vary the taste and enhance your healthy living resolution.

2. Shread carrots

While cut carrots taste delicious raw or cooked in a bit of honey, you can also shred them with a food processor or grater. Then, use the carrots to garnish sandwiches and wraps, as a substitute some of the cheese on tacos or as nutritional additions to spaghetti sauce. As ingredients in these and other recipes, shredded carrots work their nutritional magic and boost your veggie intake.

3. Make fresh soups

Cold, winter nights call for hot soup, and you can add tons of nutritious vegetables to your daily diet when you make your own soups. Simply toss dices, sliced or finely chopped carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, lima beans, peas and kale, along with broth and meat, in the crock pot before work. When you arrive home, your nutritious, filing and veggie-packed meal is ready to enjoy.

4. Bake a beet chocolate cake

You can have your cake and eat it without wrecking your diet. Simply bake a beet chocolate cake. It uses pureed red beets that add moisture and boost the nutritional value of this delicious cake but don’t affect the taste. You’ll definitely want seconds of the beet chocolate cake, and it won’t bust your New Year’s resolution.

A daily diet rich in vegetables helps you prioritize healthy living. Adding those vegetables is easy when you follow four tips. What others ways can you add more vegetables to your daily diet in the New Year?