Bucket list for the newly divorced wife

Bucket list for the newly divorced wife


Bucket list for the newly divorced wife

Your relationship might be over, but you’re more alive than you’ve ever been in your life. Out with old, in with the new. And your life is now a blank canvas in which you get to write who you want to be and where you want to go. To help you with this transition of freedom and personal liberation we’ve created a list of insane things you need to keep on your newly-divorced wife bucket list.

Get rid of the past
No, we don’t mean all of it! Get rid of ghosts from the past, and the baggage of a failed relationship, of failed friendships, backstabbing family members, or fighting obesity all your life. Whatever you’re carrying on your shoulders, let it go. You won’t be needing the extra weight to travel through life.

Get rid of anything that brings you down
Okay, so you have grown up kids who simply drive you insane, so don’t get rid of those, but do throw away their snarky comments, and criticisms. If they’re old enough, they don’t get to decide what you do in your life. If the people who are stepping in your way on this road to happiness and self-improvement are critical friends, then say goodbye to those as well! Okay, maybe just warn them that you’re growing, you have evolved and you might change some things in your life. If they can’t handle it, then they weren’t true friends. So make new ones! There’s plenty of room!

Rediscover your sexuality
Chances are, you got married young. At least a lot younger than now. If he or she was your first love, and even your first sexual partner, you have a long way to go when it comes to self-exploration of the body, your pleasure, likes and dislikes in the boudoir, and you may even have to face with your own sexual identity, or sexual preference. Many women end up exploring their sexuality in a healthy and fun way after a major divorce. Just remember that even though you may want to “try it all” all at once after being locked up in a relationship that wasn’t working out, you have to take it slowly and only go at your own pace. You don’t have to copy what you see on TV. Be true to yourself and always been comfortable with your partners before trying anything new. That way, when you do give something exciting a shot, it will be formidable!

Experiment with your look
You’ve been the same woman for years now. You are definitely not the same woman who promised to stay together with your ex in sickness and in health. You paid your dues, and now you’re a whole new person. Open up your heart to new experiences and choose a hairstyle, a whole new wardrobe, or new makeup to accompany your wild heart that is yearning to get to know the world. Put on weaves, go for a shorter pixie haircut, (one that maybe your ex-partner didn’t want you to sport) and enjoy the beautiful new and improved version of yourself.