Budget Shopping for the Fashionista in You

Budget Shopping for the Fashionista in You


Budget Shopping for the Fashionista in You

Staying on top of trends can seem like a very daunting experience but it really doesn’t have to be. There are ways to incorporate looks that will seem as if you paid top dollar while only paying a few bucks! Becoming a savvy shopper is a learned

skill but the tricks are simple. Once you have them all down pat, you’ll be able to stay on top of your fashion game while keeping your budget intact. Here are few tips:

Study fashion magazines

This is a tried and true strategy that works very well when you’re on a budget. Create the look you want with the pieces you have in your closet and whatever is missing, that’s what you’ll be shopping for.

Never pay full price

And you don’t have to! Scour the clearance rack at major department stores. You’ll be surprised how many pieces you can find at deep discounts. One better – go when the store is also offering a coupon and you’ll pay pennies on the dollar!

Shop at retail outlets

Almost every popular store or designer has an outlet chain that can help add pieces to your closet at lower prices. This includes shoes, bags, undergarments and clothing. Look for retail outlets in your area or take a day trip to a nearby location and use that time to rack up.

Buy more than one

If you find a blouse or piece that works really well with the items you already have, build on that! Having that piece in a few different colors will not only give you variety, but can be a staple for putting together those great looks you wear.

Make a list

This is important! It’s easy to get side-tracked seeing items you may want but really can’t afford. Your list will be based on the outfits you want to create and will help you avoid buying the things you don’t really need.

You CAN be fashionable on a budget. These tips will put you in the driver’s seat and make your wardrobe sizzle while keeping your funds in check.


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