Combat Excess Indoor Pet Dander This Winter

Combat Excess Indoor Pet Dander This Winter


Combat Excess Indoor Pet Dander This Winter

Winter’s snow and ice make the outdoors look frightful, and thanks to your dog or cat, the inside of your home doesn’t look much better. Extra fur and dander lay all over your furniture and make you sneeze and sniffle. To combat indoor pet dander and provide cleaner indoor air this winter, follow five tips.

Bathe your pet regularly

Your pet’s clean coat is also a healthy coat. Bathe your pet at least once a month during the winter season, and use an anti-allergen pet shampoo. It’s designed to reduce protein allergens and excess dander.

Use cleansing wipes between baths

Regular baths help reduce pet dander and shedding, but you’ll want to wipe your pet with cleansing wipes in the weeks between baths. They remove loose fur and pet dander before it can saturate your home.

Brush regularly

Whether your pet loves or hates to be brushed, a deshedding brush removes loose fur. Use it to every day for the best results.

Plug in an air purifier

Dander and fur float in the air every time your pet scratches. An air purifier, equipped with a HEPA filter, captures those particles. Keep it turned on and vacuum the filter regularly to help you breathe better and keep your house cleaner all winter long.

Vacuum often

Remove excess fur when you vacuum your home’s carpets and hard wood floors every few days. If you have multiple pets, you may need to vacuum every day. Additionally, vacuum or wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week and empty the bag or canister right away.

No matter how many pets you own, your house can stay dander-free and healthy. Simply follow five tips as you enjoy your pet and a dander-free home this winter.