Creating a Career That Works for You

Creating a Career That Works for You


Creating a Career That Works for You

There comes a time when a “job” doesn’t do it for you anymore. Most successful people all say the same thing – create a career. While that sounds good, if you’re barely making ends meet, how can you find the time to create a fulfilling career that will meet your expectations? Here are a few ideas:

Rethink the risk and switch gears
Don’t operate out of fear, but think about taking risks that will push you to take that next step. Think about your interests. What makes you happy? What can you do all day and you don’t consider it work? You may have to switch positions or start taking classes in another field, but don’t over think your choices. That creates doubt. Just do it!

Ask for the perks you want
If you’re a dedicated employee that’s been there for a while, ask for the things that will make you happy. That could mean moving to a spot near the window, working from home a couple of days a week, or additional training. You’ll never know what you can accomplish or get from your company until you ask.

Find the right opportunity
This may take some work, but a little work never hurt anyone, especially if your happiness is at stake. Your unhappiness may come from outside influencers that you didn’t even realize had that much of an impact. Take the time and assess your life. Find out where you feel unfulfilled and start from there.

Envision your goals
Thinking about having a great career is one thing, but seeing it become a reality is another. Do what you need to do to “see” yourself there. Start dressing the part. Find opportunities to network. Be that person and bring your career into focus. If it means starting a side business, take the steps to make that happen. Market your skills, get your finances in order and work towards the goal.

Empower yourself to get moving! It’s your time. Remember – the only person holding all the cards … is YOU.