Creating a healthy social life

Creating a healthy social life


Creating a healthy social life

These days it is very easy for a woman to lose balance of her personal life. Women have taken a step up in the corporate ladder and to keep their rank they work extra hard. Not only are women career busy bees, they are moms, friends, and superheroes all in one.

With busy schedules, work deadlines, and chores how can a woman fit in time for herself let alone a social life? The answer lies in making the right friend at the right time of your life. Not all women have the same common issues however one thing is for sure, every woman needs a best friend, who doesn’t call her “honey” or “mom”, not that us women don’t love our families.

Finding Time to Meet This New BFF

You made it this far so it is time to get serious about finding the right girlfriends to hang out with and let your hair down. There is no excuse to put off your life as a woman. When you really want something in life, you usually find a way to get it. Therefore a little more “you” time is just a matter of planning and coordination. If you are a professional and have a family, make your husband stay home for a night and play super mom. Let him do some research for your current work project and give him the gift of getting the kids for bed on time with their teeth brushed as well. Single moms who have their hands, twice as full with both a career and playing mom and dad to their little one, have an answer too. Perhaps you can meet up with other single moms and alternate between date nights.

Having a Social Circle for Work Life Balance

This biggest reason it is important to have a network outside of the home is the simple fact you will wear yourself to the ground and nothing will be done. Women play an important role in both the corporate world and the home front. As a woman, if you do not balance you work life with your personal life you will become overly fatigue, take on more than you should, and generally make poor judgments due to lack of clarity. Let’s not get started with the moodiness. Having a healthy balance in life rejuvenates us and women need to be refreshed more than ever before. Married, single, kids, no kids, college student or university graduate; maintain your balance in life as a woman.