Embrace Classic Style to Save Money

Embrace Classic Style to Save Money


Embrace Classic Style to Save Money

There are great style lessons to be learned from frequent travelers. One is about making do with the minimum; one is the value of compatible and versatile pieces that can be used in multiple combinations. Finally, there is the lesson, sometimes hard to embrace, that classic is always better than trendy.

Business travel is a great learning experience, with lessons that can be adapted equally well to stay-at-home life. Economy of the pocketbook and economy of packing space are related concepts, and each benefit by relying on classic pieces to build a wardrobe.

It might be fun to follow the trends: But, savvy shoppers and truly fashionable women eschew the trendy and stick to a wardrobe plan with basic colors and lasting lines in order to broadcast their good taste.

What are some of the basics?

* A good raincoat in a traditional color like navy, or khaki
* A good wool coat in basic black or navy
* A tailored suit, with a classic silhouette, again in black, navy or khaki tan
* Black slacks
* One killer black dress that could stand alone for a night on the town, or be paired with the suit jacket, or another cover up for a business meeting
* A properly fitting pair of denim jeans with straight leg tailoring
* Plain pumps, tall leather boots, basic loafers or walking shoes, a good pair of sneakers
* A bulky cardigan, in a color that will go with everything listed above
Add in shells, blouses, a fun plaid flannel shirt to go with the jeans, a hoodie and stretch pants for a run around the block, and a pair of silk pajamas — these are the basics you can rely on for two weeks in Europe or as basics for anchoring your workday routine.

Speaking of Europe, Continental women have long known that scarves can add interest to any outfit, so you might want to practice your scarf-tying abilities. Add classic gold or silver jewelry, a slouchy real leather handbag as well as a simple clutch, and you’ll be prepared for any occasion that presents itself. Best of all, you will be assured of a “quick pack” and a light load when that last-minute opportunity for a trip presents itself.

Unless, of course, the getaway is to the beach, in that case, a small tote bag should hold all the essentials; but don’t forget the sunscreen!