Enjoying your body at 40

Enjoying your body at 40


Enjoying your body at 40

In today’s society, if you are a woman and have the nerve to age like a normal person, you might as well lock yourself up and never go outside again to avoid inflicting your oldness on innocent people. Today’s society can kiss my middle-aged butt. There’s often this idea that once you are past 25, it’s all downhill and you should cherish every second of your youthful body while you can. Want to know and uncomfortable truth? I’m enjoying my body way more at 43 than I ever did at 23 and here’s why:

I know my body well –

At 23, I was still trying to figure out what birth control was right for me. What diet suited me best, even the right kind of moisturizers, shampoo and make up. At 43, my body and I are old friends. I know what kind of food will drag me down and what food will make me feel great for the day. I know the birth control that works for me (and gives me less painful periods) and my skin and hair are always on point.

I stopped trying to fit a cookie-cutter definition of beauty –
When I was a twenty-something, I was still trying to find the perfect combination of fad diets and crazy workout routines and skincare products that would make me look like the models in magazines. Now I know not even those models look like themselves in real life. I also realized that I don’t have to fit that mold, there’s more than one way to be beautiful.

I don’t want to be someone else –

I’m not saying my twenties were horrible or anything, but they were definitely plagued by insecurities. I was desperately trying to imitate celebrities, models and even friends in order to be pretty or successful. Now I only want to be the best version of me.

The sex is better –

I’m having the best sex of my life. I already know what feels good for my body and I’m no longer scared to ask for it. I stop worrying about insignificant stuff too. I’m sure I have more cellulite now than I did in my 20’s, the difference is that I no longer care. And neither do my partners. I’m not trying to “cover up” the parts of my body that I like less, so I can let go and really be in the moment.

I’m healthier –

When I was younger I had no discipline. Which is why I tried all the fad diets and other quick-fixes for my appearance. Now I decided that it’s more important for me to be healthy than go down a dress size (those are made-up anyway). I started exercising and eating better because it makes me feel good and I’m stronger as a result. Not to brag, but 40-year-old me could totally kick 20-year-old me’s butt.