Family Nutrition: Get Everyone on the Right Path

Family Nutrition: Get Everyone on the Right Path


Family Nutrition: Get Everyone on the Right Path

Decades ago, weight problems were not generally a family issue. One parent might be slender while the other was overweight, and the same might apply to the kids. Back then, people often dealt with the problem by isolating the overweight person’s diet from the rest of the family.

Studies indicate that this does not generally work. If you have a child who is struggling with their weight, or you have your own issues, you need to solve the problem as a family.

Diet Time

This is time for a reality check. If your kids’ diet is no good, chances are that your meals could use a hefty makeover as well. Experts argue that children get most of their attitudes about food and diets from their parents, not their friends. So as much as it pains you, you have to set a good example. You can do this by avoiding thinking about it as a diet at all. When your children hear you talk about gaining weight or binge-eating something, they learn that this is how women should act.

You may wonder how you turn this around. Start with your own diet. Record every bite of food you eat for the next week or two. Ate a whole bag of Cheetos? Count the servings. You will begin to notice certain patterns in your behavior. By the end of the observation period, you can figure out what most of your eating problems are.

Work It Out

The trick is to stop thinking of eating as a diet. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a temporary hassle. Use that mantra as you plan your family meals. Fill up the plates with delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables. Research new recipes, and perhaps even take cooking classes. Learn to enjoy the process of making and eating healthy food, and include your kids in the fun.

In the end, you want your children to leave the home and grow into healthy adulthood. You can serve as a great example by making the food you eat help you to live a better life.