Fragile… Handle With Care

Fragile… Handle With Care


Fragile… Handle With Care

If you are like me, your first baby came with a few rules, okay make that a small print, single spaced, manual, for anyone who was going to be in the general vicinity where he lay his precious head. For starters everyone needed to wash their hands.

Duh. I would get responses ranging from the good natured chuckle to the eye rolling person with no newborn to protect…

I understand that some things could be over kill. One lady covered her baby’s crib in mosquito netting to keep people away…However, there are some things that are necessary to keep your baby healthy and you happy.

Many doctors advise newborns to be limited to going out in public for the first eight weeks. Car seats need to be checked to make sure they are regulated, and it wouldn’t hurt to take a seatbelt safety class, I learned alot! Leaving a baby alone with a household pet or on a high surface is a big no-no.. My son rolled over on accident when he was just over a month old, luckily he was on a blanket on the floor. Make sure to have a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. If possible take infant CPR.

There are events that occur that may seem unusual but shouldn’t alarm you. Crying is a big one. A baby has no way to tell you what is wrong. Is it gas? Is he wet, hungry, scared? The worst is seeing baby in what appears to be a great deal of stomach pain. A lot of times this is gas and can be resolved with gas drops, gentle belly massages, or chamomile tea. (Always ask a doctor before administering any type of oral aid).

Being over protective of baby is a natural maternal response. Don’t ignore it, and certainly don’t apologize for it.