Fun Date Ideas for Cold, Winter Days

Fun Date Ideas for Cold, Winter Days


Fun Date Ideas for Cold, Winter Days

Now that winter weather has arrived, you and your date can’t hang out outside. You need creative date ideas that are perfect for the season. Try one of five fun date ideas as you spend time with your significant other together this winter.

Scavenger hunt at the mall

Ask a friend to write a list that includes obscure items like toothpicks, a classic rock record and striped orange socks. Then, race your boyfriend or another couple as you take pictures of all the items on the list. If you want to mix up this date idea, head to a department or big box store or change the list to include landmarks or items from nature.

Cook a meal together

Whether you try hot and spicy cuisine or classic comfort food like baked macaroni and cheese, cooking and then sharing a homemade meal can be a fun way to hang out. Decide together on what cuisine to cook and enjoy eating by candlelight to make the evening in even more special.

Take a class

The local community college, library or civic group may offer classes in everything from sculpture to foreign language. Take advantage of these free or low-cost classes as you expand your horizons and spend time together.

Join a book club

You’ll learn a lot about your date when you discuss a classic novel or political biography. Find a local book club at the library or local book store or pick a night and a book and read it with a group of friends. This date activity is especially fun when you take turns reading and discussing a variety of books.

Visit a nursing home

When you serve others, you brighten their day and give back some of the love you share. So, select a local nursing home where you can read to the residents, do crafts with them or simply sit and chat. Alternatively, volunteer together at an orphanage or rehab hospital.

When winter weather keeps you indoors, look for fun dates to do inside. Have fun and spend time enjoying each other all winter.