Get the look: colored soles

Get the look: colored soles


Get the look: colored soles

Colored-sole shoes are the trademark of certain high-ticket designers. Who hasn’t spotted that token red-soled pump and felt her heart skip a beat (or three)? If you’re absolutely in love with the look, and the looks this look will get you, but simply can’t justify the price tag, here’s an option for you!

Most pumps you already own can be made into eye-poppers with a few simple (and cheap!) tools. Here’s how to take your heels from gritty to glam in a few easy steps!

Required Materials

Rubbing Alcohol
Fine-grade Sandpaper
Paper Towel
Chip Brush (A cheap paint brush with flat bristles; covers a large area quickly)
White Nail Polish
Custom Colored Nail Polish (Sure, you can go for classic red, but what about glitter-soled pumps? Use your creative imagination here; the sky is the limit!)
Disposable Plate or two (To use as a palate; the lids of take-out containers work great!)
Pair of Fabulous Pumps! (The smoother the sole, the better this will work; rubber-soled shoes will not take the paint properly. The best shoes to use this method with are imitation-leather soled, since that material is porous and will absorb color.)


1) Using the alcohol and paper towel, thoroughly clean off the bottoms of your shoes. Any grit stuck there when you paint will be affixed permanently and mess up your paint job!

2) With the sand paper, rough up the bottom of the soles. This creates texture and allows the paint to settle in to the sole.

3) Pour a generous dollop of white polish onto your dish, and using the chip brush paint a good coat onto the bottom of your shoes. You only need one coat, but make certain that it’s a nice thick one. Allow this to dry fully. While your shoes dry, wash your brush (you may need nail polish remover to clean it completely).

4) Paint several thin coats of your chosen color; two or three coats should be enough to get you vibrancy without any white peeping through. Allow to dry.

5) Wear and be fabulous!