How To Know If You’ve Turned Into Bridezilla

How To Know If You’ve Turned Into Bridezilla


How To Know If You’ve Turned Into Bridezilla

Weddings are a big deal, nobody is arguing that. And this is an important day, it’s understandable you want everything to be perfect. But that’s no reason to go overboard, your marriage will not be ruined if the centerpieces of your wedding are a slightly different shade than the one you wanted. How to tell if you are going overboard? Here are some signs you’ve turned into Bridezilla.

1. You are obsessing over tiny, unimportant details
If you are losing sleep over the number of sugar flowers on your wedding cake, you might want to tone it down a little. Literally nobody but you will notice those flowers. And you probably will forget about it while you are dancing with the love of your life. It’s fine to have an opinion on every detail of your wedding, but you need to be able to identify the trivial stuff and invert your energy elsewhere.

2. You are going way over-budget
Every couple deserves to have a dream wedding, of course. It’s a celebration of your mutual love and the start of your marriage. However, going into insane debt may not be the best way to kick start the marriage. I promise you, you will never meet a happy couple that wished they spent more money in their wedding.

3. You keep talking about “your day”
This may sound obvious, but it is important to keep in mind. This day includes your husband-to-be. No matter what the wedding industry has you believe, the wedding is not “all about the bride”. The groom is kind of important too. So if you find yourself turning down each and every one of your fiancé’s suggestions, it may be time to back off. The wedding should reflect both of you.

4. You are micromanaging your bridesmaids’ lives
Choose the dress and the hairstyles of your bridesmaids, that’s perfectly okay. But you have no right to dictate their diets or fitness regime. The second you realize you are seriously considering replacing your maid of honor because she’s too tall, short, thin, fat or a redhead, take a step back. What is more important, being able to share this moment with the people you love or getting a perfectly homogeneous picture that you will look at twice?

5. Your groom starts to avoid you
Nobody likes to see this side of their significant other. If you are starting to have way too many arguments or your fiancé is suddenly spending too much time away from you, you might have a problem. Is this wedding bringing happiness to your relationship or causing grief?

6. You keep comparing your wedding to someone else’s
Your wedding should be all about you and your groom. It really doesn’t matter if that one friend spend more or less than you in flowers or if that one couple arrived to the church via helicopter. Your wedding will not matter less if you make things differently. Your guests will always remember the good time they had, but they will quickly forget about the exact shade of white you used for the tablecloth.