Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids


Indoor Activities for Kids

Are you on vacation? Is it a cold and rainy day out? Here are twenty indoor activities for kids.

1 Crayon Art- hot glue gun, cardboard, hair dryer, crayons. Glue the crayons to the paper, aim the heat of the dryer at the crayons and wait. It takes a minute for the crayons to start melting but once they do it goes pretty fast.

2 Puppet Stage and Puppets: Cardboard box, old towel for curtain, and old socks for puppets, makers, glue and any type of miscellaneous items such as buttons, coins, cereal etc. get creative.

3 Kick Painting- Paint, Paper, cardboard box, sturdy tape, small rocks or marbles. Put paper in the box with paint,and rocks, tape shut and let the little one kick it around.

4 Egg shell mosaic- dried egg shells smashed, food coloring, glue, paper.

5 Interpretive dance-get some ribbons, or capes and dance to music

6 Puzzles with hot chocolate. For that child who doesn’t like puzzles or sit for extended periods, make sure to have some yummy hot chocolate and a puzzle themed to his interests, some music in the background not only creates atmosphere but helps young brains concentrate (classical music

7 water buckets. shallow buckets with a towel underneath. add soap for bubbles or food coloring. put in some water proof toys and you got an occupied child for at least 15 min.

8 building a fort

9 kids yoga. surpisingly kids love this! and it’s good for the parent as well!

10 bubbles.

11 chores. what? yeah, you read that right. let them dress up with the long gloves, maybe some knee pads, make it a game. my two year old loves helping do the dishes, they don’t get very clean but that’s not the point he is having fun cleaning and that will make it easier later.

12 shaving cream in cookie sheets. practice writing letters, or simply let them get messy. use a paint brush or your hands…

13 baking

14 have a mini band. use pots and pans, an empty water bottle full of beads or coins makes a cool shaker.

15 science experiments. look up kid friendly science experiments online. alot of them use common household items. have vinegar and baking soda? that’s a volcano.

16 painting rocks. I loved doing this as a kid and have incorporated it into my profession working with 1-12 year olds. haven’t met anyone who didn’t love it. use it as a paper weight or door holder

17 if it’s winter, start an indoor garden. grow them to seedlings and transfer them outside in spring

18 Balloons. crazy how long a child can be occupied with just a balloon.

19 Make a short film- use your camera phone to act out a scene from your favorite movie. for older kids have them make a music video and have them edit it themselves.

20 World Studies- pick a country randomly off the map. look it up, what kind of art is popular in that country? try it. beads? make a necklace, carving? use soap and toothpick as a chisel to create your own sculpture. Fabrics? use brightly colored paper to make a ceremonial robe.