Lose the extra summer pounds with these quick and easy fall tips

Lose the extra summer pounds with these quick and easy fall tips


Lose the extra summer pounds with these quick and easy fall tips

Summer was incredibly fun. The perfect time to exercise outdoors, swim all day, sunbathe, and eat tons of salads and fruits! But did we do all of that? Nope. Most people overeat on their vacations, and with good reason! It’s the season to let your hair down and enjoy! But why is it that we only enjoy life when we eat junk food and sweets? Oh… right! Because it tastes SO GOOD! But don’t be frightened. The way to lose those extra vacation pounds is not to deprive yourself from eating good and tasty meals. It’s actually quite the opposite. Check out these super easy tips on how to quickly go back to your old self.

No more diets

You can’t diet to lose weight. The only thing that’s going to happen is that you will put all the weight back on in just a few months. Make sustainable changes. For example, soda is bad for you and puts you at risk of getting diabetes, cancer, and many illnesses you probably don’t even link to Coke or Pepsi. But it does! And it’s also the number one way you will be on a fast track to being obese or overweight.

No more sodas

Add flavor to the water you drink with hibiscus, cucumber, apples or lemon. Slice them up and let a big jar sitting in your freezer. That way, when you’re craving something other than water, you’ll have the solution at home. Add a few drops of stevia to safely sweeten the deal.

Meat causes cancer … BUT

We bet you totally love reading that ‘but’ at the end of the sentence. But yes, the world health organization (WHO) finally has science behind their warnings. Cancer is related to red meat consumption. It is also horrible to see the way animals are treated in order to be mass produced, and delivered. If you want to stop putting on some extra pounds while also not contributing as much to one of the most vile businesses in the world, then you can reduce your meat intake to 50 or 60%. That means you’ll only eat half the meat you’re used to eating. Soy burgers, lentil burgers, pasta, vegan falafel, vegetarian pizza. All you need to do is control your portions.

Cut it in half

If you want to eat pasta, pizza, or even veggie hot dogs, you can go right ahead. But as a rule, you should remove half of whatever you plan on eating and replace it with vegetables. Raw, grilled, roasted, baked, anything goes. Include home-made sauces that will bring that salad to life. Mango sauce, carrot mayonnaise, guacamole, DIY ranch sauce (reduced in calories), and even lentil mayo with garlic will make you think you’re enjoying one hell of a gourmet meal. Add some grilled plantains with extra sault and spices, and enjoy a low fat version of traditional French fries. Dice them into very thin slices and place them on the grill, with a bit of oil to hydrate them. Let them grill for 5 minutes, turn them upside down, add salt and spices and enjoy!