Luxury Travel on a Budget

Luxury Travel on a Budget


Luxury Travel on a Budget

Everyone dreams of a luxury vacation. However very few are able to experience an exotic destination because they think they cannot afford it. When it comes to luxury travel, the best way to jetset is on a budget. There are a couple tricks the seasoned traveler holds up their sleeve. Certainly you didn’t think they are sitting on a bed of money? Even if so, why wouldn’t they want to save on their travel plans? This leads us to some of the key factors to consider when booking your next luxury vacation.

Don’t Overlook Seasonal Sales

Aside from the obvious, planning your vacation far in advance is the first step in securing that dream vacation to Fiji. Sites like “Expedia” and “Budet Travel” make this a very easy process. When planning in advance make sure to check the destination’s “tourist season.” Often times by booking a hotel package to use during the slower time of year you will find great discounts. Even Fiji has its off-season. It may not be beach weather, however you can experience the fine dining, beautiful views, and impeccable service that only five star resorts offer. Does it really matter what time of year?

Timeshares with Time to Spare

Another great resource for booking a luxury vacation on a dime is timeshares. The timeshare industry is a billion dollar business. That means people are making money by helping others save money. You will find five star accommodations in places such as Cancun, Four Seasons in Southern California, and Wyndham on Hawaii’s Big Island. Last time we checked, rates started at $71.00 per night. That’s not a bad price tag for a few days, and nights, of luxury.

Location, Location, Location

Las Vegas is known for its strip of luxurious hotels and casinos. However Las Vegas is also one of the best places to head for a luxury getaway on a budget. Although many of Las Vegas’s hotels are expensive, when you book them ahead of time they are very cheap. If you belong to a rewards club you can cash out on loyalty member savings. The best part about Vegas is that they are an evolving market with new hotels going up left and right. That means the big players have to compete in order to keep their business coming through. This is why you can always find a room in Vegas for next to nothing.