Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure


Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

As the leading cause of death in the United States, high blood pressure often leads to some sort of heart disease. Although lowering high blood pressure is not always on top of your “to-do” list, you must understand the importance of lowering your high blood pressure, naturally.

There are many ways to help complications from arising due to high blood pressure. Here are some tips on how to naturally lower hypertension.

Go for a walk outdoors
Relieve stress & meditate
Eat a healthy diet everyday
Eat less sodium, eat more potatoes
Eat a little dark chocolate
Drink a little wine
Say no to caffeine
Now that wasn’t so bad was it? Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a brisk walk on a sunny afternoon then return home and enjoy a little chocolate?

Many of your caffeine habits have most likely been bugging you for years. While raising a family, working a full-time career, then retirement planning, it is no wonder why you always had a cup of coffee in hand. However now that those days are over, it is time to slowly trickle away from the caffeine and transition into drinking tea. If you truly love coffee and you refuse to break ties, then stick to decaf.

Living a Natural Lifestyle
There are many other senior women who face the same battle; lowering high blood pressure. Network and join a health club where you can meet other women who have the same lifestyle. You will not only make a new friend, you will learn new ways to naturally help change your life.

Make natural health a habit. Read food labels, know your salt intake limits, and post notes on the fridge and in the kitchen to help remind you of your dietary restrictions.

Clean out the fridge and throw away any food that you are not allowed to eat. If you do not want to throw it away, give it to a neighbor or family member. The feeling of helping others alone will lead you on your way to living a healthy life.