Resolution 2016: The New You

Resolution 2016: The New You


Resolution 2016: The New You

A new year–a new you. Most resolutions for the New Year are plans for bettering yourself or your lifestyle. What better way to boost your confidence than to give yourself a new look this year?

Glo has published an article on hot new looks based on celebrity makeovers featured in ELLE and we are all about trying out the celebrity style.

Empowered and In Control

Jennifer Hudson has been seen across the world shedding the pounds after starting Weight Watchers. She says she’s never felt better and has accomplished this feat with portion control and learning about healthy food choices. Dropping a few dress sizes is possible for any woman, finding a supportive program and staying on track is important for this makeover.

Feminine Is In

Everything is predicted to be chic and girly for 2016. Check out the ever-changing Rihanna’s hair, now a luscious pile of hot red curls for the American Music Awards this past fall. Expect to see feminine hair come in full-swing for Spring and Summer 2016 and try something new with your look. From makeup to clothing, choose soft or bold pinks and golds for a glamorous 2016.

Warmth and Textured

Honey-ed blondes and strawberry are colors we predict will be popular with the upcoming designer fashion trends for 2016. Cute and pixie or long and luscious are what we are looking forward to in hair this year. According to Harper’s Bazaar, expect windswept styles and lots of texture to also be a big in hair for this year. This goes hand-in-hand with the warm and bold choices we’ve seen coming down the runway in the form of spring and summer clothing trends and the textures to match.

Be bold for 2016 and try something new. If you are afraid of sticking out too much with a drastic change, try reinventing bits of your look at a time. Don’t forget to include any desired personality goals for yourself along the way. Choose a month for each change you want to make, set clearly defined goals and watch the transformation begin!