School Germs: Staying Safe This Season

School Germs: Staying Safe This Season


School Germs: Staying Safe This Season

The school year is well under way, which means you’ve been exposed to many different diseases so far. If you check Facebook regularly, you can usually see from your friends what the next ugly thing to hit will be. This cycle can be difficult to stop. But if you try to stay really clean, and bow out of the public when necessary, you and your family will be better off.

Wash Up

You probably already know that you should sneeze into your elbow, to avoid putting more germs on your hands (and everything they touch). And you likely have a trusty bottle of antibacterial gel that you carry wherever you go. The former is a good idea, but the latter, not so much. Some experts believe that overuse of antibacterial hand sanitizer is actually helping to create legions of super viruses that cannot be killed by anything. And more to the point, they don’t work very well. Whenever you can, have your family members wash their hands with good old soap and water. Save the gel for when you have no choice.

Know When to Say When

If you rely on school hours to work, you know how hard it is to take a sick day to care for a child. But you should consider it an act of service to your fellow parents. Every time one of your kids’ classmates shows up to school with a bad cold and a fever, your whole family has been put at risk. This is how most illnesses spread, by contact. Your school has policies regarding when you should keep a child home. Review those rules, and follow them to the letter. Monitor signs of more serious conditions, such as high fevers and serious digestive upset. And follow this simple rule: If you wouldn’t send your child out to play in this condition, don’t send them to school.

Cold and flu season will be over before you know it. But if you or your family does get sick, try to prevent the spread of germs as best as you can. Parents everywhere will thank you.