Should My Twins Be in Separate Classrooms in Elementary School?

Should My Twins Be in Separate Classrooms in Elementary School?


Should My Twins Be in Separate Classrooms in Elementary School?

If you have young twins, the question will invariably arise as to whether to separate them into different classrooms when they hit kindergarten. This question comes with no easy answers. In fact, it comes with more questions. Here are several factors to consider as your family makes this important decision.

Are the Twins Dependent on Each Other?

Dependence can be a good thing or a bad thing. Consider whether one twin has a problem when the other is around. Can they function independently? Are they too distracted to concentrate on what they’re doing to continue? Maybe they don’t even notice when their twin is missing. Try to envision these situations in the classroom, and think about how each would react with or without their twin around them for the whole school day.

Will Classroom Differences Create a Problem?

Different classrooms are run in different ways. If twins are in separate classrooms, there are bound to be several differences. This can be in the volume of assignments, the way the teacher interacts with students, or the student make-up. All of these can influence how successful a student is. In addition, parents should consider how they will handle the differences in homework level, timing of special events (i.e. two different graduation/”moving up” dates), or classroom expectations.

What Do the Professionals Think?

While this situation may be new to you, it isn’t for the school district. Ask the principal how twins are typically handled and/or have a discussion with the school psychologist. You could even consult with your pediatrician. All of these professionals are here to make sure you are well-informed of your options and can help prepare you for any issues that may arise.

How Do The Children Feel About It?

Your kids are old enough to tell you what they want for their birthday, so they should be able to tell you how they feel about their brother/sister being in the same class with them. A warning on this strategy, however, you may get two different answers. If you are going to consider their feelings on the matter, you’ll want a game plan in place first.

The choice of whether to separate your twins in elementary school or not is a highly personalized one. Each situation is different, and you know your children best. These are just a few things to consider as you decide what is best for your children.