Six Survival Tips for Mom on her Very First Back to School...

Six Survival Tips for Mom on her Very First Back to School Day


Six Survival Tips for Mom on her Very First Back to School Day

It feels like yesterday when you brought your baby home from the hospital, and now he’s ready to start kindergarten. Are you ready? Six tips help you cope financially and emotionally as you navigate your very first back to school day.

1. Stock minimal school supplies.

Your child’s teacher will send home a list of supplies he needs, which means you may not need to spent a small fortune on supplies that will last until your child leaves for college.

2. Repurpose clothes your child already owns.

Instead of getting caught up in the pressure to buy a closet full of new clothes, apply patches to a shirt or crop a long sleeved jacket into a cute vest.

3. Shop secondhand.

Consignment and thrift stores offer gently-used and sometimes even like-new, brand name clothes. Check in every week for new inventory, and ask the clerks you are friendly with to lookout for the specific items or size you need.

4. Talk to other moms.

They can offer encouragement and a shoulder to cry on in the days leading up to that first day of school.

5. Wear sunglasses while you wait for the bus.

You’re going to want to cry, but you don’t want to worry your child, especially if he feels reluctant about starting school. Sunglasses conceal your tears until your little one’s settled on the bus.

6. Do something nice for yourself.

Breakfast with a friend, a long bubble bath or reading a book in silence calms your emotions and mind as you wait to welcome your child home from his first day of school.

Navigating your first back to school day doesn’t have to be a financial or emotional strain. With six tips, you’re set to start your child’s educational experience off on a good foot.