Time Saving Tips for the Multiple Hat Wearer

Time Saving Tips for the Multiple Hat Wearer


Time Saving Tips for the Multiple Hat Wearer

Time is a precious commodity when you have a million things going on. You may feel overwhelmed due to strenuous demands at the job, family obligations and a side hustle that is becoming more than you imagined. What do you do when you have multiple hats to wear and so little time?

Create time blocks

Group like tasks together and get them done in a certain period of time. This could mean running errands at the same time, checking emails, responding to and getting correspondence out or planning meetings back-to-back. Doing things on off-peak hours can also help you save time and avoid crowds.

Automate as much as you can

Set up bill-pay, reminders for important dates, and anything else that can give you a few extra moments.

Cook in bulk

If you cook on the weekend, make double batches of everything and freeze it for those days when you can’t find the time or energy to get something ready for your family. It saves time and will keep healthy meals on the table.

Plan in advance

Getting school clothes out the night before, planning outfits and ironing them for the entire week can be a huge time saver. You’ll have everything in a “grab-and-go” status and won’t have to worry about those things during the week.

Unplug and recharge

When you’re always “on” it’s inevitable that you will burn out. Take some time to unplug your computer, smart phone and any other devices you are tethered to and take a deep breath. Freeing your mind can work wonders for your mental sanity.

Get some sleep

You can’t be at your best when you don’t get enough sleep. By getting the right amount of sleep, you’ll be more productive and in a better mood.

Ask for assistance

This is the most important thing you can do for yourself and others. When you realize you’re in over your head, solicit help from family or hire someone to help get things off your plate. It’s important to stay sane while being a better you!