Tips to Shop like a pro!

Tips to Shop like a pro!


Tips to Shop like a pro!

Shopping can be a real chore; even if it’s a chore that you enjoy. Here are a few tips to help your shopping experience be as productive, pleasant, and stress-free as it can possibly be!

Go looking nice. The logic here is akin to the logic which dictates that you should going to the grocery store on a full stomach. If you already like the way you look and you’re feeling comfortable in your own skin, you will be less tempted to indulge in vanity products you don’t need to make yourself feel better. Wear something nice, do your makeup, and do something with your hair. Wear some cute undies too!

Keep a list of things you need and stick to it. If you don’t allow yourself to run amok amongst the latest trends, you can keep your trip as streamlined as possible. Also, this is better for your budget!

Purge your wardrobe once a year. Go through your clothes and shoes (yes, all of them) and get rid of things you don’t wear. Not certain what you wear? Turn all the hangers in your closet to face one direction. When you remove an item to wear it, put the hanger back facing the opposite direction. After a few months, you’ll start to see the trends!

Ask yourself the golden question; “Do I actually need this and will I actually wear it?” Think long and hard about what you would wear an item with and how it goes with your current wardrobe. Do you really need another cocktail dress? How many times a year do you wear them? How about another pair of boots? If you can’t answer these questions, leave the item on the rack. Even if it’s on sale!

Be honest with yourself about worth/cost. Can you afford this item, and how often would you use it? Do these things outweigh each other? If it’s a high-ticket item that will live in the drawer most of the time, maybe you should consider a more budget-friendly option.

Shopping can be fun; but it’s definitely more fun when you can keep it reasonable and low-impact. So relax and have some fun with your malling.