What to Wear to Work in a Man’s World

What to Wear to Work in a Man’s World


What to Wear to Work in a Man’s World

Let’s face it; a male-dominated work place can mean that your fashion sense takes a beating. There are many things to consider in such an environment; how much makeup is appropriate? Should I wear heels? What can I do to make sure that I’m looked at as a valued colleague and not an object?

Here are some tips for getting dressed for work that won’t hurt your sense of style, but will help you to feel more comfortable if your office is mostly men.


While you don’t have to wear square-toe loafers all the time, it’s probably best to leave the stilettos at home. Wear sensible shoes with a heel no taller than 2″. Extremely high heels change the way you walk (you need more runway sway to pull them off); not entirely what you’re looking for in a power-suit.


As cute as they may be, it’s time to leave the ruffled skirts at home. Pants suits are optimal for this kind of environment as they create no distinction between yourself and your male colleagues when it comes to dress (everyone wears pants, after all); and a well-tailored pants suit is definitely fashionable! Accessorize with a cute belt or sash to add a pop of color and flair.


Plunging necklines are for hot dates, not the office. Collared shirts are great and often come in cute patterns and colors to keep you from the wardrobe doldrums. Again, your accessories can speak volumes about your fashion sense; chunky chokers, chandelier earrings, and sassy scarves will add the right amount of zazzle.

Hair and Makeup

Yes! Do it! But don’t overdo it. Keep your makeup natural and save the dramatics for the evenings. Heavy eyeliner, dark lip stains, and intense colors are best left for after-hours fun.