Will I Ever Sleep Again?

Will I Ever Sleep Again?


Will I Ever Sleep Again?

So, you’ve just had a baby. After spending the last few months feeling like you need a rope pulley just to roll over at night, you are probably glad that you can get up with relative ease. Only now you have to get up a lot for the baby. Everyone says that newborns do nothing but sleep. You may be wondering if you have the only one who doesn’t. Take heart, for you will be able to sleep again. It might be a long time, but it will happen.

Sleep Anywhere, Anytime

In the first few weeks, all you can really do is just try to get by. Newborns seem to come with two possible schedules: no schedule and the wrong schedule. Your baby will sleep, and it probably will be a lot–about 16-18 hours or more per day. If it is at all a possibility for you, sleep when your baby sleeps. If you have older children, consider having a relative, friend or mother’s helper come over a couple times a week so you can grab a nap while your baby is resting.

Encourage Sleep

Even if your newborn seems to be on a schedule that is opposite to the rest of the world, you can still make your home a comfortable place to sleep. At night, turn down the lights, television and harsh noises. Speak in a soft tone with your baby. Use minimal light when doing a diaper change or feeding. Consider swaddling your baby, so that they are less likely to startle awake. In time, your baby will come to see nighttime for sleep.

Thankfully, babies are newborns for only a couple of months. Before you know it, you and your baby will have found a routine that will help you both feel more rested and happy.