Winter Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Winter Exercise Tips During Pregnancy


Winter Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Almost as soon as you get pregnant, you are suddenly bombarded with all this advice on what you should and should not do. Put down the sushi and step away from the treadmill, people say. It can be hard to know what advice you should take, and what you can safely ignore.

If you haven’t been exercising prior to the pregnancy, you can still find some reasonable winter workouts that will improve your endurance during labor and delivery, and aid in your overall recovery after your baby is born.

Bouncing for Birth

If you are planning to do the first stages of labor at home, or if you just want the ability to move about during labor, you are probably planning to buy a birthing ball. It’s the same as an exercise ball. So if you want to get one, get it now instead of waiting until the end of your pregnancy. This is an excellent indoor workout. Just inflate the ball, sit on it (make sure it is stable, in a base or next to a piece of furniture), and start lightly bouncing. You won’t believe how much you can work your core muscles, gluts and hamstrings just by bouncing.

Stretch Away

As you can feel your body stretching outward, you may notice pain in the ligaments that surround your abdomen. Since tendons and ligaments loosen during pregnancy, you are at a slightly greater risk of injury as a result. So if you are planning to do some winter mall-walking or shopping for baby equipment, do a little stretching before and after. Stretch gently, especially your feet and ankles. If you notice swelling after you’ve been on your feet for awhile, put your feet up above your heart and do some more gentle stretching.

Pregnancy, labor and delivery are perhaps the most grueling physical experiences any healthy woman can go through. One of the best things you can do is to try to stay active as much as you can throughout your pregnancy. That way, after you deliver, you’ll be in better shape to care for your baby.