Your Friend’s Living the Life You Want

Your Friend’s Living the Life You Want


Your Friend’s Living the Life You Want

Do you have a friend with a nice house, new car, loving husband, obedient kids and dream body? If so, it’s easy to feel envious as you look at your tiny apartment, rundown car, lonely nights and stubborn extra pounds. Before you give in to envy and feel miserable about yourself, learn how to handle this emotion and your relationship with the friend who’s living the life you want.

1. Admit your emotions.

Instead of telling yourself that you shouldn’t feel envious, admit the truth. Your envious feelings are reality, and you can’t effectively deal with that emotion until you admit you feel it.

2. Realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Your friend may project that her hubby and kids are perfect, but they fart, burp and throw fits like every other human. And most likely, your friend’s toilet overflows and her car breaks down occasionally. Keep your chin up because her grass gets pretty brown sometimes even if she doesn’t show it.

3. Look at your life from her perspective.

Never put yourself down or compare yourself to someone else. After all, your friend probably envies your killer hair and ability to use the bathroom without interruption. Keep your positive traits in mind when you’re tempted to wish you were her.

4. Write a gratitude list.

There’s nothing like thankfulness to nip envy in the bud, so start writing one thing on your gratitude list every day. After a night out with your friend or whenever you feel yourself going down the envy trail, read over your list and remember all the great things you have to appreciate about your life.

5. Make new friends.

If your envy keeps rearing its ugly head no matter what you do to dispel it, limit contact with your perfect friend and find other friends. Just focus on being true to yourself and loving the life you live.

Envy is a natural emotion, but it kills friendships. Address your feelings of envy as you show appreciation for your own life this year.