Spring Cleaning Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Spring Cleaning Without Using Harsh Chemicals


Spring is finally here, and you know what that means … the dreaded spring cleaning time! It’s time to get rid of the dust, dirt and junk that have been building up for an entire year. But, with nature at its greatest moment, it would be a smart decision to turn our cleaning routine into an Eco-friendly one. It is not necessary to use all those harsh chemicals in order to make your house fresh and shiny. With the help of a few techniques and green products, you’ll get the results you want without hurting the environment.
To turn into Eco-friendly cleaning you have to start replacing the products you’ve been using all your life. You can find a wide variety of Eco-friendly cleaning products in any conventional supermarkets. They are made with nontoxic ingredients and most have biodegradable packaging, so from now on, you’ll have to start checking out the labels and designs to recognize these incredible products.



If you want to go even greener, you will have to start making your own cleaning products; it is really easy and may be cheaper than you think. Your best ally for this matter will be baking soda, it cleans virtually EVERYTHING! You can use it to remove stains, eliminate odors from fabrics, remove grease from the kitchen and soap scum from the bathroom. Vinegar and lemon are great options too, just do some research and you will find many ways to make these buddies your new cleaning partners. You can mix them up with water, other green products and vinegar, and trust us, the second you use them, you’ll realize there’s no going back!

Another helpful advice is to use water. Many people underestimate how clean their houses can turn by just using plain water. If you think you’ll need a little more cleansing power you can add some phosphate-free soap and refresh any part of your house.

Something that breaks our heads when it comes to cleaning are rugs. They collect a lot of dust and dirt, so it makes us think that we need to use a bunch of products to get them clean, but that’s not true. Using the old method of hanging them in an open space and beating them with a broom should be enough, all the build up dirt will come out quite easily and they’ll end up as clean as you want them to be (remember to use a dust mask while doing this). If they have some kind of odor attached, our handy baking soda should do the trick, just sprinkle it in top of the rug, let it sit for a couple minutes and vacuum afterwards.

One trick to make our house fresh and clean is adding essential oils to our cleaning routine They are not only helpful with making our rooms smell well, but they also have some characteristics that protect surfaces such as wood and tiles. For example, cedar oil is awesome to use when disinfecting our toilets, and a mix of essential lemon oil, olive oil and ¼ of vinegar works wonders for cleaning furniture.
As you can see, it’s not hard at all to use Eco-friendly products or homemade mixes to have an effective spring cleaning, and by doing so you will take care of the planet and your family as well.