Going Green This Winter

Going Green This Winter


Going Green This Winter

Winter is settling in with a vengeance. Sometimes it feels like all our pushes to conserve are so much easier during the summer. After all, composting and growing your own food is much harder in the winter. If you want to know how to stay green even when it’s white outside, just follow these tips.

Be Water-Wise

When you turn on the tap for hot water, it has to run a little while. In winter, it runs longer. But you waste that water, and you shouldn’t have to. Make your water do double-duty. Fill a pot with water to boil or a pitcher with cold drinking water for the fridge, as you wait for it to heat up. Or better yet, consider installing a recirculating pump on your water heater. This device recirculates hot water back to your water heater, so that you get hot water at the tap much faster. Score one for saving time as well as water.

Burn Your Own Energy

So you don’t have a snow blower. So what? Honestly, you don’t need one. If you want a constant, free source of renewable energy, you only have to look in the mirror. In order to stay healthy and fit, you should be getting 30-40 minutes of exercise at least three days a week. That snow shovel is your ticket to fitness. And you’d be amazed how many ways you can apply this approach to your life. Walk when you can. You’ll minimize the amount of gas you spend, which saves you money and reduces carbon emissions.

Everyone could stand to be a little greener this winter. If you want to save money, energy and water, just rethink the way you do things. You’ll be healthier, happier and the earth will be richer for it.