House plants: beat the winter blues

House plants: beat the winter blues


House plants: beat the winter blues

Houseplants can really help to brighten up your life and beat back those dreary months of winter. Whether you’re a first-time plant owner or suffering from gardening withdrawal, here are some suggestions for houseplants that are easy to maintain during the winter months.

Aloe is a great air-cleansing plant that has many useful qualities. The gel contained within the leaves is extremely soothing for sunburns, and since this plant is a succulent it’s easy-care as well. So long as you have an area that gets full sun and you can remember to water it once in a while, you’ll be well on your way to a thriving aloe bush.

Bamboo is another great, low-maintenance all-seasons plant. The best part is that most small bamboo plants thrive hydroponically. Place smooth rocks or pebbles in a vase, cover the roots with water, and your bamboo will happily grow in partial sun all winter long.

Calla Lilies are a classic winter bloom with a pleasant fragrance that will easily grow in bright light and moist soil. They tend to bloom in early winter and go dormant afterwards, during which period you will want to re-pot the plant and water generously in order to encourage new sprouts.

Christmas Cacti are beautiful flowering succulents known to thrive in homes with central heat. Keep this plant somewhere with eight hours of filtered light followed by sixteen hours of darkness, and mist occasionally to keep the plant moist (unlike most other succulents).

Cyclamen have lovely heart-shaped leaves and beautiful blossoms of varying colors. They thrive in colder weather (no warmer than sixty five degrees Fahrenheit). Indirect light, moist and well-drained soil will keep your cyclamen happy all winter long.

Though bromeliads only flower once a year, their colorful leaves will add a pop of beauty to your home all year long. There are many varieties of bromeliad with different leaf patterns, so you can even match this plant to your existing home decor! Keep the soil moist (not wet) and mist the leaves in summer. Ensure good drainage, and water every month or so.